BRAVE company from Ukraine 💛💙

BRAVE company from Ukraine 💛💙


Scheduling software which makes your hands free 


Scheduling software which makes your hands free 

Online booking and scheduling software

We are fitting perfectly for:

beauty salons barbershops hotels apartments bowling centers tattoo salons language schools music schools car washes and lot others

🚀 Online calendar with your services just in several clicks

🤔 Why you need Bookmenow


Access to the actual schedule of your staff at any time from any place

We will show you all bookings and free slots of your staff and your clients will easily pick the best day and time which fits them


Online booking

We simplify dramatically your customers user experience


Clients database in one place

We securely store your clients data base and their visit history


Reminders automatisation

We will remind your clients about their bookings automatically so we will decrease number of people who don’t turn up

🤩 Why your clients will love Bookmenow


Easy booking

Just few clicks and booking done



We will send SMS or Telegram notifications automatically so your clients will not forget to come


Easy cancel or move booking process
Простая отмена или перенос записи

If your client can’t come – they can easily cancel or move their booking and your administrator will receive notification about that


Online payment

Clients can pay online if they want or if you want them to

🥰 How to start with Bookmenow

A few simple steps to setup and your free online booking tool is ready

Add Master

You can add one or unlimited number of masters

Add Service

You can add unlimited number of Services with different prices and length

Add working schedule for your Masters

In this way Bookmenow will suggest to your clients time to book which fits your Masters working time

Add additional rules and settings

For example:

  • Client can book time slot if it is more than 15 minutes to start
  • Client can move or cancel booking if it is more than 1 hour till start
  • and others

Share your online booking link with your clients

You can share link for:

  • your online booking in general
  • particular Service
  • particular Master

so your Masters can also use online booking links in social media to promote your company

😎 Why bookmenow


Our team is concentrated on functional simplicity which you and your clients will feel at any part of using our service

Experience and expertise

We have huge experience in working with beauty and service sector which helps us to build solutions but not only software

Customer support

We have 'real people customer support' approach. So if you need any help with your account setup you can always rely on our people


You can use Bookmenow totally for free.

If your business requires extended functionality you can always choose appropriate plan in your admin panel

🤗 customer support